Divorce Representation

Barbara Smith, J.D., the Founder of SMC, represents clients in high conflict and/or complex divorce matters. With over 25 years of experience, she aggressively advocates for her clients when necessary in a traditional divorce. While some cases do require this type of structured litigation, Attorney Smith's experience as a Magistrate and mediator enables her to effectively accomplish goals without creating unnecessary wreckage in the wake. In some cases, the divorce process can be extremely difficult. It is in those cases that effective and vigorous representation maybe required. While the MSC legal team is dedicated to reaching amicable results whenever possible, we are also mindful that in some cases it is necessary to pursue specific positions. So when mediation is not a viable option, effective representation is available.

We strive to make as uncomplicated as possible this very complicated part of your life. Contact our office for an initial consultation to determine which of our services are right for you.

Post-Judgment Representation

Divorce representaion when mediation isn't enough

Post-Judgment Representation is necessary when there are disagreements that occur between previous spouses of matters included in your Judgment of Divorce or that may arise after the Judgment has been entered after the divorce. Things do not always end with the entry of the Judgment of Divorce.

These matters include, but are not limited to, custody, parenting time, alimony, child support, remarriage, a parent moving, etc. Issues may also arise when a party does not comply with the orders stated in the Judgment of Divorce.

If you have completed your divorce and have a dispute that you cannot resolve with your previous spouse, it may be helpful to know that SMC can help you negotiate through the disputed issues and come to a resolution or, if necessary, seek Court remedies.

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