Michigan Divorce Mediation Services

The ending of a marriage is often cited as one of the top traumas one can face in life. Efficiently working through a divorce and completing the process as inexpensively and effectively as possible is paramount for everyone, especially when children are involved. Though still a difficult process, by utilizing a Michigan divorce mediator, you can make the best of a bad situation.

Divorce Mediation is a new option in Michigan, but it serves as an alternative to the old "adversarial" model. Not only does it eliminate unnecessary fighting, it can also be far less time consuming and less costly than a traditional divorce. Another benefit is that you can be directly involved in the process of resolving many of the issues which are required to become legally divorced.

Divorce Mediation sessions are available for the parties to build a comprehensive agreement covering all issues in the divorce, including division of assets and liabilities, spousal support, child support, child custody issues and parenting time matters.

The most significant advantages of mediation include the ability of the parties to maintain control of the situation, the ability to be creative with solutions within the law and the ability to keep specific issues private.

At southeast Michigan's Smith Mediation Center, our divorce mediators are lawyers that work in the area of family law. As a neutral party with extensive knowledge of the divorce arbitration process, your mediator does not "represent" either side.

Further, the mediator does not make any binding decisions. The mediator's ultimate goal is to help you to resolve the issues in your divorce, thereby bringing your legal case to a close with the entry of a Judgment of Divorce. Prior to signing any document, each party must have a independent lawyer who represents only them review the agreement. Transcripts and formal written settlement agreements are available upon request in any of our Divorce Mediation services.

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