About Smith Mediation Center

Family Mediation for Divorce Alternatives, Chid Custody Mediation and more

Mrs. Barbara Smith, J.D., is the principal and founding member of SMC. She has been licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan for over 25 years. Ms. Smith has focused her work in the areas of general civil litigation, domestic relations and alternative dispute resolution. She has served as a Magistrate and an Administrative Law Judge. In addition, Ms. Smith is the former president of Michigan Malpractice Mediators, Inc. and is currently a court - approved domestic relations mediator. Barbara Smith has spent years volunteering in the community, teaching students in addition to owning and operating her business. Her years as an advocate and her judicial experiences give her a unique perspective on the legal process. She is able to effectively utilize her knowledge and experiences for the benefit of those who want to resolve their matters efficiently and effectively.

Ms. Smith, a licensed family law attorney, represents clients in traditional divorce litigation. She will work aggressively to negotiate a satisfactory resolution for you, she knows how to protect your interests. Ms. Smith is professional, ethical, respected by her peers, and dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible result.

Barbara Smith brings her expertise in family law to the mediation process; however in the mediation process she does not represent either party. Rather as a mediator, she promotes neutral, unbiased guidance throughout mediation. At SMC, a calm and secure environment exists where parties in dispute can negotiate a settlement agreement.

Ms. Smith has years of experience in this area of law. We understand that divorce is never an easy situation. Whether a traditional divorce or mediation in divorce is right for you, our focus is to make the experience successful, efficient and as tolerable as possible for every member of the family. This saves time and money- though never at the expense of necessary discovery of information and resolution of all issues.

Member OCBA Administrative Law Judge
Member State Bar of Michigan District Court Magistrate
Court Approved Mediator Attorney Grievance Commission
Member Michigan State Bar Foundation Fellows  

Lynn Droz, the legal assistant at SMC has over 20 years of experience in the legal field. She is responsible for a multitude of essential aspects of services provided by SMC. Lynn has a strong commitment in making client relations a number one priority and as such Lynn works with clients on a consistent basis to ensure that ongoing needs are timely met.

Lynn is also a newly divorced single mother of three children who knows first hand how difficult divorce can be for the parties involved. She understands the pain, fear and doubts that our clients sometimes experience. This insight helps Lynn offer support to our clients in a very unique way.